The trends among app developers in Australia



The mobile app market here in Australia is showing no signs of slowdown.

The compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of the mobile app industry in Australia (till 2015-16) is in excess of 25% . The country occupies the 5th spot in terms of revenues for app developers – behind USA, Japan, UK, and China. Mobile app development is a thriving business in Australia – and all indicators point to further, and rapid, growth of this domain in the foreseeable future.


The trends among app developers in Australia


  1. They are growing fast. An annual growth rate of 175%+ should be enough to prove this, but there are other figures to further highlight the white-hot mobile app revolution in Australia. The yearly value of the app industry is in excess of $300 million, and there are more than 400 mobile app companies in Australia. What’s more, well over 1600 developers are in this profession on a full-time basis. The app-makers’ contingent here is truly huge, and growing.
  2. The potential user-count is big – A key factor behind the success of Android and iPhone app developers in Australia is the strong demand levels. Nearly 3 out of every 4 smartphone users Down Under download mobile apps regularly.
  3. Social networking and games – There has been a spurt in the last year or so, in the number of social networking applications churned out by mobile app developers in Australia. The reason for this is the burgeoning popularity of such apps – with close to 70% users fond of using at least one of such applications
  4. Sydney has emerged as the hub – Most important Australian cities have a fair few mobile app development companies – but Sydney is the runaway leader (with over 55% of the total mobile app startups in the country being located here). The professional success of the developers here – with many of them bagging prestigious awards – has only encouraged many new entrepreneurs to get their feet wet in the mobile app business.
  5. Apps are useful for all  – A strong sign that the mobile app market in Australia is a developed one is the fact that – nearly everyone can identify at least one key benefit that regular app-usage provides them with. For some, it is the ease with which custom apps facilitate mobile shopping and m-banking.
  6. Making apps for wearables has picked up momentum – In 2015, around 80 million wearable devices were sold in Australia. The buzz around Apple Watch has definitely helped in pushing up this figure – and the release of watchOS 2 has helped WatchKit developers create more, and better, apps.
  7. Who makes apps in Australia? – The number of dedicated mobile app entrepreneurs is relatively small here – and people from diverse backgrounds create Android or iOS applications. Right from graphic designing and mobile marketing, to software development and investment & venture capital – app developers in Australia hail from many different domains. Even youngsters with a knack for coding are making their foray into app development.
  8. iOS vs Android – For the first time ever, Android phones (with around 55% sales) overtook iPhones (sales have fallen to less than 45%) in 2015. The rest of the market is taken up by Windows Phones. Australia still boasts of the second-highest penetration of iOS devices in the world (behind Japan), and Apple is comfortably the most popular smartphone brand in the country (the popularity of Android gets divided among its many vendors).
  9. Apps are taking the place of websites – A recent survey revealed that 70% people in Australia use mobile apps for social networking purposes, while a measly 20% use websites for the same purpose. Even among senior people, among whom app-usage is the least, over 45% use social networking applications, and around 18% rely on websites.
  10. The usage concerns that developers need to handle – With great penetration, comes the threat of serious security breaches. There is a general wariness regarding sharing personal information on applications. The onus is on developers to convince users regarding the reliability of their apps’ security features. In-app purchases, location-sharing information and accidental downloads are also factors that the app-makers have to handle very carefully. Two other absolute ‘no-no’-s for app developers in Australia are: a) making apps that hog too much of mobile data, and b) including in-app ads that hamper user-experience.



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