How To Get Your App Noticed?


Every app developer wants people to download his product. Aside from creating the darn thing, getting huge numbers of users to notice your app is of utmost importance. But how to get noticed, that is the big question.

Here are some of key points that can help your app get noticed.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

This is the first crucial step for anyone unleashing a promising app. Like search engine optimization, it consists of using key words and phrases to direct users to a product. It’s not as simple as it sounds—you have to do your homework as Google and Apple don’t explain their search algorithms to anyone. What you come up with in research can determine not only how you describe your product, but maybe even how you name it. When Flappy Birds was launched– the wildly popular and mindlessly simple game that supposedly racked up $50,000 a day in ads at its peak – a bunch of apps implemented the word “Flappy” in their names.

Icons & Colors

In addition, the tiny picture that represents your app in the store is your first big chance to grab the attention of the users. People are visual creatures and what you choose to represent your product matters. For a crash course on what users like, take a look at some of the most popular apps in an App Store or Google Play search and take note of how they represent themselves. The big guys do pay a lot of attention to this type of thing. You’ll want to learn by example from the successful games (or apps) that are out there.


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