Fast Growing Chinese Mobile Market Poses a Challenge to Western Businesses

Fueled by an online consumers with smartphones, mobile apps are growing at overwhelming rates in China.

Looking at the latest findings it would be tough not to visualize Western marketers, app developers, advertisers, and publishers rubbing their hands together, striving to take over the world. While the market is appealingly huge, taking advantage of the opportunity isn’t going to be a piece of cake.

The Online Population in China is Now 48% of the Total Global Population.

The online population in China is now 48% of the total global population. That is about 651,360,000 people. While 85% of Americans are online, China has almost 2.5X the online community. But the devices the Chinese are using to access the Internet might shock you.

Tablets and PCs have almost same trends among the online populations in the U.S. and China. 55% of those online own a tablet, and 93% have a PC, but smartphone usage is very different. In the U.S., 72% of online users own a smartphone. But in China, that rises massively to 92% – 599 million people!

The China-focused services such as Baidu and Alibaba gaining thrust during the last 5 years has overlapped with the appearance of smartphones and gradually cheap mobile devices. The scheduling of the Internet growth in China together with mobile-centric innovations in devices and apps, and the fact that Chinese culture has favored mobile devices as the genuine way to access the Internet there at present.

The Chinese Market is not that far behind the U.S. anymore.

Today, the average Chinese Internet user owns 4.1 Internet-connected devices per person, while the U.S. consumer owns 4.6. In other words, the Chinese market is not that far behind the U.S. anymore.

WeChat (Weixin in China) has the highest engagement of all Chinese apps in the U.S.

The results of this growth can be seen in awesome Chinese apps such as WeChat, which now has 672 million monthly active users around the world. WeChat is a perfect example of a Chinese app that has gone global. The app has now lured users in India, Europe, South America, North America, and Africa. In fact, it has the highest engagement of all Chinese apps in the U.S.

While that is remarkable, it is the rise of the lesser popular iQIYI that should open everyone’s eyes. Founded in 2010, iQIYI became the largest online video site in China last year. iQIYI had 202 million MAU on mobile. Present data shows a great leap, with the app now reaching 495 million MAU. iQIYI signed a deal with 20th Century Fox and China is becoming the biggest market for Hollywood movie exports. Like Netflix in the U.S., the iQIYI case puts other platforms in China to infamy.

What next? Whatever it would be, it’s going to be massive.

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