Top Samsung Gear Games That Would Make You Fall In Love With VR


Virtual reality is here and it is here to stay. The fantastic experience of VR has taken gaming to a level that never appeared a reality to gamers across the world but it is one hell of a truth now. Once you taste the flavor of VR you would never enjoy the ordinary gaming again.

Samsung Gear VR owners already have a myriad of entertainment options to choose from, but games are one of the most fun ways to experiment with virtual reality.

Here is a list of the five Gear VR games so you know exactly what title to pick up for your next VR gaming session.

Land’s End

The title comes from the creators of Monument Valley, Ustwo Games. Land’s End sets you on an adventure to summon an ancient civilization using mind powers. The synergy between the virtual reality’s immersion and convincing storytelling generates an emotional and engaging experience.

Landscapes are modeled after secluded real-world locations such the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Iceland, while structures were designed based on neolithic sites and artifacts such as Stonehenge. One of the great pluses of Land’s End is that it sets the player on a solitary, but mystic, journey.

EVE: Gunjack

For sci-fi fans, Gunjack delivers an accelerated pulse experience in the form of an arcade shooter that throws the player in the gun turret cockpit of a space mining vessel. While flying and maneuvering, the ship will be left to the AI, and gamers have to control the laser turrets and missile launchers, keeping the vessel safe from the pirates that are out to get your cargo. Sporting intuitive controls and intense, fully-immersive action, Gunjack recommends itself as one of the best pick-up-and-play games for VR.

Dead Secret

It was only a matter of time before developers discovered the huge potential of mixing horror games with VR gaming. Dead Secret is such a cocktail, with the player waking up in the middle of a murder scene. The game is challenging both for the mind and nerves, as it asks the gamer to investigate the victim’s past and discover who is to blame for the murder.

Omega Agent

Omega Agent takes gamers on a luxurious island training facility set back in the Cold War era. Your mission is simple as it is awesome: navigate the skyline of the city while being powered by a prototype nuclear-powered jetpack. With its quirky and colorful graphics, its Bond-era panache and responsive controls to entertain you, Omega Agent is a fun game for the whole family.Smash Hit VR

Mediocre Games’ title landed on the Samsung Gear VR, and the ball-throwing and glass-shattering action is guaranteed to keep you prancing around your living room. The familiar sci-fi decorations and futuristic design is there, and the VR experience only adds new flavors to title.

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