Tips to Build an Expert Mobile App Development Team


Creating a successful app requires expertise in a range of skills.  For those of you looking to start your own app journey, this blog post serves as a resource outlining the core skills needed in an app team, where to find potential candidates, and how to evaluate them.

App Team Positions, Descriptions, and Duties


Product manager. The product manager is the team leader who drives the vision of an app into a reality. He or she knows every inch of the product strategy and works to prevent miscommunications and roadblocks. This team member is comfortable in a variety of disciplines and can help in areas including user experience, long-term planning, customer service, and even marketing.

Designer. The designer is primarily responsible for crafting the app’s user interface. He or she should also be able to help with the branding of the app and the company as a whole. Beyond the app, you’ll need a logo, website and other marketing collateral.

Developer. A developer is responsible for the app’s technical architecture. He or she writes the app’s code and integrates it with any external data sources. While all team members are critical, a developer often contributes the most amount of work to an app, especially in the later phases

How to Find the Right People for Your App Development Team

Turn first to the people you know and their networks for experienced contacts and referrals. These connections will allow you to gain greater insights on an individual’s professional personality and reliability beyond their experience.

Ways to Vet Candidates for Your App Team

Each position requires slightly different skill and experience evaluations. Any developer you’re considering must have direct experience building apps. Look for expertise in the platforms you plan on supporting. An iOS app requires a developer with Objective C and Xcode knowledge. An Android app needs a developer who knows Java and Eclipse or Android Studio.

Check a designer’s portfolio for a variety of experiences and a style that makes sense for your app. For any position, pick two or three screens from an app (or product) they worked on, designed, or developed. Ask your applicants to comment on their reasoning behind these screens.


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