You Can Finally Delete Built-In iOS Apps


Apple recently announced that iPhone and iPad users can finally delete pre-installed Apple apps. Now you can get rid of apps you never use. It’s as simple as pressing and holding an app icon until it jiggles, and then tapping the ‘x’ that appears on it, but it only works after you install iOS 10.

When you delete one of the pre-installed apps from your iPhone or iPad, you’ll lose it from the Home screen, the Notifications panel, and any connected devices and services you might use, such as CarPlay and Apple Watch. You also might delete data stored in it, unless that data is saved to a related cloud account.

If you delete, say, the Music app, and you have purchased songs in the app through iTunes, you’ll still be able to access your music through iTunes. But the songs will be gone from your iOS device when you remove the app.

You can always reinstall apps that used to be on your phone at no cost. So, if you change your mind and want to reinstall an app, it’s just a matter of downloading it and tailoring it again to how you use it.

Which Apps Can You Delete?

Some of the apps that you can uninstall are:


  • Compass
  • Find Friends
  • iBooks
  • Music
  • Notes
  • Podcasts
  • Reminders
  • Stocks
  • Tips
  • Watch
  • Weather
  • Calculator

Beyond those, there are 10 more apps you might delete, but they require a little more knowledge and thought. They are: Calendar, Contacts, FaceTime, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Mail, Maps, News Videos, and Voice Memos.

There are other apps that might also have important information that won’t necessarily disappear for all time if you wipe the app from your phone. For example, if you use Calendar on a Mac and sync your calendar entries across devices, you can delete the app from your phone without losing the calendar appointments from your other devices. Just make sure all the data has synced properly before doing it.

How Much Space Can You Reclaim?

The amount of space you can reclaim by deleting pre-installed Apple apps varies, although Apple estimates it’s only about 150MB for all 23 apps. It’s a little misleading, though, because the amount of space changes dramatically based on the data is associated with each app.


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