10 Ways to Promote Your App For Free


 There are many ways out there to promote your app for free. Here are 10 ways to do it:

  1. Build a microsite. This one or two-pager showcases your app to the web audience. Take cues from Snapchat and Path.
  2. Build a teaser website. Do this a month or two before your launch to collect email addresses of people who would like to know when the app launches.
  3. Start a blog. Attach it to your microsite. Write interesting content that will draw people to your website. Buffer app does this really effectively.
  4. Share your content. Use your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to promote the app several times in a week.
  5. Create a product video. Make it creative, funny, thought-provoking or personal. Tell the story, but in a way people can identify with. Here’s a great one as example from the Dollar Shave Club.
  6. Get press, tons of it. Entrepreneur Neil Patel says: “Press is the best way to kick start your startup, and the best way to get it is to manually reach out to journalists.”
  7. Pitch to app review websites. Sites like AppStoreApps and AppAdvice can generate a lot of buzz for your app if they mention it.
  8. Contact bloggers who would care. Identify bloggers who write on niches that relate to your app. For instance, a children’s app can be pitched to bloggers write write for mothers.
  9. Post on Pinterest. Use blog images, infographics and visual content from your app to create content on your Pinterest board. You can even use happy customer photos or hold contests.
  10. Make good use of App Store Optimization. You can find it at the app store.



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