Great Baby Health Apps


There are great apps to help you track Baby’s milestones, figure out why she has a fever, and get her on a sleeping schedule. You’ll most likely spend the first few months of your baby’s life worrying (just a bit!) over her health. Was that hiccup normal? Should she be eating this much? How much sleep does she really need? Luckily, keeping detailed notes of our kids’ health has never been easier — it’s as simple as owning a smartphone.

WebMD Baby

If you’re going to be checking WebMD, you might as well download the baby-specific version directly to your phone. This app leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your child’s health. You’ll have access to hundreds of articles and videos from WebMD-approved doctors; schedules for sleeping, feeding and growth; and the ability to take pictures, record videos, and create an entire baby book full of your little one’s precious moments. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android)

Total Baby

For an in-depth way to track all of your baby’s “events” – diaper changes and naps, milestones and doctor visits – Total Baby is the way to go. The app includes customizable timers as well as reminder alarms. Other features include built-in summaries, timelines, and interactive charts, plus the ability to sync with multiple Apple devices. ($4.99; iPhone, iPad)

My Kid’s Health

Get a one-stop shop for everything related to vaccination schedules, doctor and dentist appointments, and growth and illness histories. Use the app to keep detailed notes on what happens at your baby’s well visits (fill in specific categories for diagnosis and treatment) and track the latest vaccination data, which is calculated using information from the World Health Organization. ($29.99; iPhone, iPad)


Set reminders and input data all with a few finger taps – no typing necessary. Under the Health Question section, keep notes handy for doctor visits and track new milestones, like Baby’s first smile, in real time. Click on the camera icon in the milestone section and you can even take a photo of the milestone as it’s happening! (Free; iPhone, iPad)


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