Google Earth app review: The World in 3D on your Smartphone

Google Earth is a great program that is ideal for all those who wish to explore the earth.  It gives you the power to control it all with the help of your fingertips. You can zoom in, zoom out,  rotate and tilt for better viewing as you like.

With the help of this wonderful app you get the power to access every nook and corner of the world. The app also offers a search option that gives you more direct access.

With this app you can enjoy a variety of features that makes this app one of a kind. Features such as My Location will take you to where you are using the app. Layers is another feature that enables you to turn off or on other sources of information.

Even though the scale of the app is fantastic it doesn’t measure up in terms of usability. There are certain downsides such as sticky navigation. The feature of 3D that allow you to check out popular landmarks doesn’t work smoothly at all times. In addition, the Layers feature also has some drawbacks. In other words, when it comes to usability, this app may disappoint some.

Recently, some improvements have been introduced. The interface of the app has been improved and make simpler. You will get a chance to explore better 3D images, clearer maps, and smoother transitions between layers.

All in all, this app is on its way to improvement. And till then it does offer enough exciting features to help you make the most of the concept of Google Earth.

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