3 Developmental Pitfalls to Avoid for App Developers


Mobile apps are extremely popular at present. So this business can indeed be great for anyone who is looking for to start one. But not every app and game thrives. Not every game and app is perfect. Though every developer thinks he is making the best app but there are some mistakes that many of developers make which destroys the effectiveness  of their work. Here are 3 tips that will help you remain safe from the app development pitfalls.

1. Not being able to make enough platform considerations.

One of the major things that you need to consider is the platform. Where should you be using your app? iOS, Android or Windows? It is common to see developers developing apps for iOS as they believe monetization is simpler on the App Store. Though it is right to a certain extent this is not all. In addition, several other factors need to be considered prior to the decision of selecting a platform.

Even though iOS is popular in U.S, it is android that has wider reach. That is why in case you wish to have your app in most parts of the world android is the better option.

2. Considering mobile experience as a type of minor web experience.

One thing that every developer must know is that a mobile app is not the same as a website. In fact, it is very much different in terms of design, size and everything else. You must know that the reason why mobile apps are useful since they are different from websites. The features that they offer are not similar to what websites can do. So while designing your app do consider this aspect. Make sure you are to design a unique app and one that has the features of an app rather than a website.

3. Not focusing on monetization.

You must also ask yourself if you want to opt for a subscription model, or do you implement a freemium approach? Depending on your own preference, you may even consider in-app advertising to earn. You can make the decision on your own. It is essential to think about monetization while you are developing your app.


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