Be prepared to Play Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Now!


It was in the start of 2016 when Electronic Arts, the developers of the tower-defense Plants vs. Zombies franchise,  announced their upcoming game, Plants Vs Zombies Heroes for the first time. Now finally the game is available across the world so be prepared to check out the world of plants and zombies no matter where you are!

PvZ Heroes gives you a chance to play as either plants or zombies. Here you can choose your favorite super-powered plant or zombie hero, make a team, and fight against friends and foes. There are hundreds of new and familiar PvZ characters you will come across as you progress in the game build a winning team. You can also play in multiplayer matches.

A number of improvements have been introduced in the game for its worldwide launch. So you can be sure to have a great experience. Plants vs Zombies is free and has in-app purchases in typical EA style.

The game offers the lawn of a new battle with its range of strategic depth with 20 plant and zombie heroes in addition to more than 200 collectible character cards.

So check out the world of Plants and Zombies and play as you wish : A plant or a Zombie? The choice is yours!


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