Nex Evolution wearable band and Niantic’s Ingress wearable unveiled


Mighty Cast, has today announced interesting new wearable devices at CES 2017. The Nex Evolution doesn’t have a full display, but five small tappable buttons that can be customized to do almost anything using the companion app. The other device is  being made in collaboration with Niantic for Ingress, the sibling of the Pokemon Go game.

Nex Evolution, is a customizable wearable that will go on sale soon for $80. The other device is basically the same exact device made in partnership with Niantic for the popular mobile game Ingress and will go on sale later.

The Nex Evolution is a fitness tracker in form factor. Other than tracking stuff such as steps, calories, and distance, it also has five “Mods” that give it some smartwatch-like functionality which is  customizable through the Nex app.

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