Super Mario Run to come to Android soon


After the release of Super Mario Run on iOS, Nintendo is now planning to launch the game on Android as well. According to reports, the company may release the game this March. Nintendo  announced its next mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, as well and made it official. It announced that  the game will come to Android on 2 February.

The objective of the game is entirely new. It sees 2 battling kingdoms face off against one another. Your task is to call Fire Emblem characters into battle. The game features “brand new art, hand drawn by a variety of artists,” and newly recorded voices. You can drag a character to an enemy unit to attack or use more conventional on-screen controls.

Last year, Nintendo  promised to release 5 games on iOS by March of 2017, but it revised that to 4 games. Miitomo, Super Mario Run, and now Fire Emblem Heroes are some of the games that we have already come across and the final one is likely to be Animal Crossing.


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