Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Gaming Console is Working Now


The console, Project Scorpio, is the next-gen gaming console in the Xbox lineup. According to reports, it has already been tested for games and is working fine.

Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer has tweeted that he has played and tested some games on the Xbox Scorpio for the first time. It indicates that developers have already finished laying out the system components and are ready with the initial version of the console. Both the games and hardware of the Xbox Scorpio were already in production as mentioned by Spencer.

Project Scorpio will have a graphics system that will be as good as any of the existing gaming consoles. It will have the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, delivering 6.5TFLOPs of performance. Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Scorpio would not have any exclusive games assigned to it. All the current games for Xbox One would be working it. The console will  integrate virtual reality (VR) and will be VR games also.

Microsoft has mentioned that the Xbox will not change as a platform. The accessories and games working on the previous versions of the console would work on the new console as well. But it is not obvious if new games launched would get versions for the Xbox One as well as Xbox Scorpio.

According to reports, the Xbox Scorpio will go on sale in time for the 2017 holiday season.

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