As the number of IoT devices increases, the security risks are also mounting


According to a new report, as the number of connected devices increases, the security risk also swells if the market doesn’t address IoT cybersecurity. Some recent huge IoT-driven cyber attacks may only be the start if the security in consumer IoT devices remains unchanged.

The report references cyberattacks that leveraged compromised IoT devices to create “botnets” to attack servers, saying that the current security vulnerabilities of IoT devices may lead to more intricate attacks in the future.

The brands that make IoT devices must start designing security into the devices directly. This advice seems other sets of guidelines for IoT security developed by government agencies as well.

The FCC is monitoring the security risks in the IoT and plans to step in with regulation if it determines the market won’t look into and solve the perils. It is possible via updating the FCC’s equipment certification process or creating a task force, leading to new rules.

The installed base of IoT products will grow to 46 billion units by by 2021. 15 billion of those will be consumer-facing.

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