Microsoft’s Project Scorpio – the Most Powerful Console Ever


Without Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is the most anticipated gaming console of 2017. It has been considered as the most powerful console ever. According to reports, it will hit the shelves before the holiday shopping season this year.

Project Scorpio is actually a new piece of Xbox One hardware that will include more powerful components supporting your current collection of games at the same time. We can say that it is the next evolution of the Xbox One. It’s not a new console generation – it’s a more capable version of the machine  and one that’s been particularly designed with 4K gaming.

Microsoft has confirmed that its new GPU will boast no less than 6 teraflops of processing power. Project Scorpio’s GPU will be four and a half times more powerful compared to its original hardware’s.

According to present speculations,  a 12GB of DDR5 memory will replace the 8GB of slower DDR3 RAM in original Xbox One. The console’s CPU will be eight-core AMD unit, but we dont know the precise details at the moment.

How will it appear to be? Well, that remains a secret for now too. But yes, we can guess that it will have a similar variety of ports as the Xbox One and One S, considering that Microsoft reported that your current collection of accessories and peripherals will work with it. What Project Scorpio will really feel like? Let us wait and see…

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