Soon Apps will need to be compatible with hundreds of devices…

The Mobile World Congress 2017 has insisted AppFutura to release a report in order to create a mobile app with the collaboration of development companies across the world. Primary conclusions indicate that apps will have to be more dynamic and adapt to the growing number of devices and technologies.

Other than phones, mobile apps need to be compatible with tablets, smartwatches as well as other devices. App trends change continuously with new technologies emerging every new day. Wearables, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality or AI include some of the recent trends and developments that we have seen.

In an arena that evolves so fast smartphone users are only a small part of the audience that apps will cater to. Mobile apps are taking a major role in our daily lives so there is a demand for them to be able to interact with more and more devices.

The Mobile World Congress will see the presentation of many new players. They will be presenting their first annual report at the same forum, a guide to create a mobile app with the collaboration of as many as 30 mobile app development firms from all around the world. Outsourcing app development to other countries is emerging as a normal practice now and the report lists some of the essentials to successfully outsource an app .


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