In ranking games Google Play now focuses on user engagement

Google is making a notable change to how Google Play will work with regard to making the best games discoverable by users with more convenience. It announced that it recently altered its app store algorithms to consider user engagement, instead of focusing on downloads alone to reward quality titles in a better way contrary to those that are only being installed in big numbers.

This change could have a major impact on how games are marketed. Why? This is for the reason that various publishers generally focus on ad campaigns that are aimed just to get games onto users’ devices to get their titles ranked higher in Google Play’s charts.

Those app aren’t even legitimate in some cases. With the update to the ranking algorithm, this could transform, making it tougher to game the charts.

“…there are many instances when great games don’t get the visibility and attention they deserve…This is one of our ways to reward quality, which for games means promoting titles with stickiness as well as a more traditional measure like a high star rating.” Google explained.

The changes were announced together with a number of other updates for Android app developers such as the new editorial pages as well as the release of pricing for running promotions.

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