Google Play Store now allows you to download one paid app for free every week

Google has just started a ‘Free” scheme for Android phone users. You can now download one paid app every week for FREE. The free offer is available from the Play Store on your Android phone. You can locate the app being offered by clicking on the ‘Free App of the Week’ that shows on the Play Store.

The app last week was ‘Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords’ while this week, it is ‘Card Wars – Adventure Time’. The prices of the free apps of free apps that you can avail may vary.

It means that you can get your hands on great apps without spending anything every week and thus enjoy great apps, saving money at the same time.
Google is looking at a win-win situation with this offer where it is not just promoting the app but also allowing users to use them without any cost.

According to reports, Google is trying to reach out to countries with bad network connectivity as well. So it has released an update for its Google Photos app in addition to its Duo and Allo apps.

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