SandRacer – A Super Car worth $350k for Off-Roading

At the moment the market for Supercars is much saturated. That is why it will be challenging for new players make things work with Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others of the like. But there has been no car that has been  good enough for a Supercar for off-roading. A startup from Dubai intends to change things with a super expensive car designed for cruising over sand dunes in the Gulf areas in particular.

Zarooq Motors is a car manufacturing startup based in Dubai. It is co-founded by Mohammed Al Qadi, Iannis Mardell and Bruno Laffite.

“There’s a strong demand for luxury off-road vehicles in the region,” Al Qadi stated.

The firm has come up with a prototype of their $350,000 worth supercar. It is titled the “SandRacer”, which is designed to in the UAE. Made to survive the toughest conditions, it derives its names from the “Schokari sand racer”, the fastest snake in the desert.

The amazing car is powered by a 3.5-litre V6, with access to 500bhp. A prototype of the vehicle will be unveiled later this year. You will have to spend $350,000 to get your hands on this beauty. And if you want a Dakar Rally pack will you will have to invest $100,000 more.

“It was born in the sands of Arabia but can go anywhere in the world. It is the fruit of the love of driving and racing.”


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