Google reviews are translated to your device default language automatically now

Google has just announced that reviews in Google Maps and Search will be translated to your phone/tablet’s default language automatically from now on.


Just open Google Maps or Search, search for what you’re interested in and the reviews are automatically translated. Most people will see the translated review in the language they prefer and then see the review in the native language below—eliminating the hassle of copying and pasting into a translation app or trying to decipher reviews using your pocket-sized translation book.

It’s is very easy. While you are traveling abroad and reading reviews for a place of your interest,  you’ll be able to read reviews in your own language with ease now. You just have to do nothing at all and this is the best part of this update by Google. This will indeed prove to be a handy thing for most travelers who need to go to a restaurant, a hotel, a place of interest etc. and need to know the reviews of others to make a well informed decision. It will save time as well as effort and allow users to learn what they want to in their own language without any problem. Way to go Google!

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