Update: Google Maps now shows you where to turn thanks to Street View images

Google Maps now makes it easier to arrive at your destination. It enables you to see exactly where to turn and what lane to be in using Street View images with its latest update. Google Maps version 9.52.2 has come up with a number of design changes that includes adding Street View images.

But there is a downside of this update as well. It isn’t available when you’re using navigation which is not a good idea. Street View images just show after you’ve inserted your destination and before you tap on start. You can choose route info At the bottom of the screen that can populate a list of step-by-step directions together with tiny image thumbnails.

When you will click the thumbnail the full-sized Street View image show. Though that  can be great before you begin your trip, it would be more beneficial if the picture appeared before you had to make a turn. That would help you see precisely where had to head.


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