Google Maps Add Accessibility Info Of a Location to Minimize the problems of people


Google Maps is taking good advantage of its large crowd source aspect to make it simple to find input and locate details about the accessibility of a location. This will appear in maps as well as in the search result cards.

Google maps as you know is one of the most used service around the worlds for finding ways all across the globe. The accessibility information of a location feature is very useful for the users can now add information whether the place has seating, parking, a wheelchair friendly entrances and elevators.

7 Million Places have been added all around the globe by the users as said by Google.

For Android phone you just have to open the maps, open the main menu and tap your contributions, after that Uncover missing info and then you can sort by accessibility to include your findings.

The alternate way is to tap Know what the features this place has to add accessibility information when the app prompts you.

These both methods are very easy to use and only take few seconds and its surely worth it for helping out people with constant and temporary problems in various places.

Google has come up with a wonderful feature for helping the people in the society .

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