Women lead the UAE tech scene – its not the man’s world anymore!

Women are not a minority in technology sector in the UAE. In fact, they are a part of all the major tech initiatives. Females make up 66% of the public sector workforce, of which 30% are in engaged in leadership roles.

While estimates show that 13 of the 15 countries with the lowest rate of female participation in the workforce are in the Arab world, the UAE is an exception as women here are deeply involved in tech leadership.

Interestingly, in 10 Arab countries surveyed by UNESCO, women graduating in STEM subjects represented 34% to 57% of graduates, which is much higher than the Western world. In addition, 35% of internet entrepreneurs in the Arab world are women, compared to 10% around the planet.

Amal Al Mutawa is the UAE’s chief happiness and positivity officer. More than 75% of workforce in the prime minster’s office are females, she mentions.

“It’s awesome. You can see a female presence in everything that we do here that’s technical. It’s not a man’s world anymore.”

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Then there is Dr. Aisha bin Bishr, who is leading Smart Dubai office that is responsible for much of Dubai’s innovation. Zeina El Kaissi works closely with Bin Bishr and acts as the head of emerging technology and global partnerships for the Smart Dubai office. El Kaissi notes that women in the UAE are playing a vital role in developing emerging-technologies.

“Women here are key drivers of the technology agenda in academia, research, government, and the private digital sector. They are directing the use of technology to create [an] impact for city constituents in all sectors. This is a time of unprecedented opportunity in technology advancement, and women leaders such as Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and positioning Dubai as an inclusive and thriving technology hub for the world.”

An essential component to developing a thriving technology sector is supporting local innovation. Noor Sweid, an angel investor and venture capitalist in Dubai, believes that the notable number of females in tech-leadership roles within the country will inspire and support the next generation of female leaders.


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