Microsoft patents an AR wand that works as a controller

Microsoft recently published a new patent describing a design for “an augmented reality input device”. It appears like a mix between a motion controller and a pen.

Originally filed back in June 2016, the patent features a wand-like controller with buttons, trigger, finger guard and what two USB inputs in the back for charging or additional accessories, as it seems to be.

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The wand appears to be inspired from Google Glass’ Google Draw peripheral.

It is not clear if Microsoft’s patented design is meant for the HoloLens headset, an upcoming successor or any other device.

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Since AR is getting mainstream with time and Ubisoft is on its way to developing game prototypes for HoloLens, it is possible that Microsoft could be looking ahead to the time when we will want a controller that we will be able to depend on in order to benefit from the tech in the best possible way.

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