Samsung Connect Tag helps you monitor pets/kids, lasting for a week in a single charge!

If you wish to keep tabs on kids, pets or your valuables, Samsung has something just right for you. Connect Tag is a small internet-enabled device just announced by Samsung. It helps track location and lasts a week between charges.

It is similar to electronic tagging devices from the likes of Tile that pulled in $25 million this year and has won around $60 million from investors so far.

While Tile gives more flexibility on form factor, Samsung has come up with a clean white look with the Connect Tag.

Samsung claims the device is the first of its kind to use narrowband tech (NB-IoT, Cat.M1) so it can last a whole week on a single charge. The device measures in at 4.21cm, and is 1.19cm thick. Its smart size makes it compact enough to clip on to your kids bag packs, keys, or dog collars.

Samsung is making use of GPS, Wi-Fi-based positioning and Cell ID combined to triangulate a the site of the device with preciseness.

Connect Tag is waterproof and features geo-fence that alerts you when a thing or person  has left a set virtual zone. It can syncs with smart home appliances as well which means you can turn on or off your lights or TV.

Remember that it only works with an Android app and there is no mention of iOS support so far. We have no idea about the price for now. The date of release is also not mentioned by Samsung.



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