What is Gamification Part 2 How to Use Gamification to change the future of your apps?

Gamification has taken the User Experience to the next level. App designers now strive  to create a gamified experience for the purpose of ‘user engagement.’

As kids we loved to play games all day lone. Even many adults prefer to indulge into playful activities. Playing games is a form of competitive activity. The process grabs attention with ease, evokes interest and motives a person to engage with an activity that’s entertaining as well as useful. With app development, gamification is the best way to move into the future.

How to Use Gamification in Your Mobile App?

In order to use gamification in your mobile app you can infuse one or more of the following dynamics. They will help you gamify your non-game app without having to worry about a thing.

1. This dynamic works as one of the main goals of gamification. Loyal users are the ones who tend to engage greatly, so they are more likely to talk about your app to others. It can be achieved by serving the users with the sense of ownership, pride and reward. Infusing leaderboards and achievements can prove to be helpful in this case as well and help build the loyalty

2. Nothing makes the users happier than attaining rewards and achievements. Insisting the users to complete an in-app task by offering rewards like unlocking a new feature, or getting badges that would show up on the leaderboards, takes the competitive spirit along with the engagement to a whole new level.

3. Countdown Dynamic. This dynamic revolves around the time limit aspect. The users are to complete a task within a certain period of time. It evokes a sense of urgency so insists users to engage with the app on a regular basis.

4. Appointment Dynamic. In this case, the users are asked to return to the app in a predefined time in order to get a reward or achievement. This method works well with regard to boosting engagement.

5. Pouring Information theory. This method can be very useful for apps with high-volume of features. Instead of leaving the users to understand the features all by themselves, app developers can send weekly email lessons to subscribers that will help them understand the existing as well as newly added features. These emails will not just offer information, but also act as a reminder, triggering user engagement eventually.

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