The upcoming PlayStation VR Games being launched in Feb, 2018

PlayStation VR brings a huge collection of VR games for you to browse through the best games for your fun and adventure.  This big collection is always increasing with time and still new games are adding up in the cart. Lets’ have a swift look of newly add ups in VR games on the PlayStation.

Pop Up Pilgrims

It is just an adorable 2D game where you have to use your expert puzzle solving skills to get through your pilgrims in each level. You also enjoy using a cloud cursor that can move around and make you safe and protected. This lovable game can be pre-ordered from the PlayStation.


Undoubtedly, Moss is a delightful game. In this game you help the Quill to go through every level. You have to solve a tricky puzzle before you move on. As you cross the jungle with your very sweet friend mouse, you are attacked by enemies and puzzles simultaneously. Book your order before it is announced so that you don’t get it missed. So hurry and place your orders on Amazon!

Apex Construct 2/20

This is a super exciting fantasy game made by the Fast Travel Games. It takes you to a world of fantasy that is flooded by persistent robots. You have to knock them down by using your own Shield and a bow. This game cannot be gotten from pre-order as its pre orders are not available.

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