The sequel of iPhone expedition Alto’s Odyssey is close to reveal

The sequel to the most favorite iPhone game Alto’s expedition is soon to reveal. After few delays, Alto’s new Odyssey is being launched on all iOS devices on 22nd January 2018. Nothing yet has been expressed on Android Version. While being at developing studio of Snowman, the team said that it had been a long way of developing an experience that can make up to the elated expectations by the original version of Alto.

The game happens to be in a desert as it was in the original Alto game. However, it has also been enlarged in terms of its theme. Being in a sandy place, Alto Odyssey basically features three particular biomes from the dunes of the desert to the olden temples to the secretive valleys.  The real weather effects have been produced to add depth. You would also experience wind, rain, sandstorms blowing all around too.  You would also see the dark and bright flashes of lightning including animals and birds.

Technically it is a sequel to Alto, the team says: “We knew we didn’t want to call it Alto’s Adventure 2.” So we can say that Snowboard team could not dare to make Odyssey just like Alto being scared of the existing fans of Alto original. At the same time, they could not make it that difficult which make the new commers get scared of it.

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