Best iPhone Games 2018

The history of mobile games has made a long way since the launch of Snake on Nokia. You can play android and iOS games with great graphics and exciting features. Here we have collected the best iPhone games you should explore in 2018:


It is a puzzle game that stands out to be the best. With its black and white moody shades, Limbo crawls inside you. Its drag, touch, flick and swipe controls are your only buddies available in a gloomy atmosphere.


With a creepy strategy, the game has a scary title. It is deeply laid on real life card game Magic-The Gathering. The game is made by Blizzard which presents detailed and fine-tuned graphics.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

It is a costly game among all which takes us back in time. Its in-depth details and strategies require you to invest a lot. It has a classic story and a refined RPG system.

Hitman Go

A tightly woven puzzle game with board game style visuals. Its returns are quite substantial.

80 Days

It will make you its fan with its risks and tough decision making gains for hunting valued articles with awesome illustrations.

Animal Crossing: Pocket camp

The game has a community simulation approach.  Animal Crossing began on Nintendo 64 first time in Japan. Its iPhone version preserves its cute visuals and characters. You set a summer camp, furniture and clothes and expect that neighboring animals would come around.  A game fun to play.

Real Racing 3

With powerful graphics, this is a racing game which requires your cash for unlocking in-app contents.

Monument Valley 2

A puzzle game with charming and vibrant pastel colors buildings to be operated and new zones to explore in order to enter in next level. Its unique design is worth appreciating.

Alto’s Adventure:

The strategy of the game is an endless runner. You can direct the so-called snowboarder across multiple hurdles to rescue from llamas.


This game is about Tinder who becomes a king after swiping tarot cards. Your decisions for their wellbeing greatly affect the four pillars of your kingdom which includes your army, treasury, people, and church.

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