What you must know about Android 9.0

Everyone is thinking about the new name and expected features of the upcoming Android 9.0? What would it be called? When actually will come out its users? How the upcoming Android 9.0 will be named?
As we have seen the previous update versions of Android 9.0 which have been named after mouth-watering sugary delicacies as could be seen from the names of its previous versions:
 Android Donut v1.6
 Android Eclair v2.0
 Android Froyo v2.2
 Android Gingerbread v2.3
 Android Honeycomb v3.0
 Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0
 Android Jelly Bean v4.1
 Android KitKat v4.4
 Android Lollipop v5.0
 Android Marshmallow v6.0
 Android Nougat v7.0
 Android Oreo v8.0
If we see the alphabetic order, we should expect to see Android “P” launch for Android 9.0. The name has not been revealed yet but it might be announced in summer. Well, this delay can’t get us away from keeping the probable guesses in minds.

There are stories about the expected names in the market. Few say it would Android Pie, Android Pumpkin or Android Pecan Pie. It is Android Pistachio Ice Cream according to Google. See it does fulfill the requirement to be a sugary feast. Maybe Google likes ice cream.


When the Android 9.0 will actually come?

It will be revealed at Google I/O 2018 which will be held hopefully mid of May between May 16-18  2018. We might get amused if it comes early like Oreo which came in March 2017. Presently, Developer Preview is available to be installed on Google Pixel.
When my smartphone will hold Android 9.0?
It would first come on the devices of Google Pixel. Later on, it will be
caught on new phones in the IFA September 2018.

Would it carry new the features as well?
Sources tell Android P will remove access to unauthorized API’s. Other
changes might be expected in Wifi direct printing and Bluetooth
hearing support for better integration of Android features and smaller
image file size formats.

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