10 Powerful tips to improve your smartphone photography

Cameras in smartphones have made it easier to capture a moment at any time. However, if you learn the basics of taking good shots, you can be a good photographer. Here are few simple yet powerful tips that can help you make the most of your smartphone photography:

  1. Getting nearer

Majority of smartphones hold wide range lenses which are superb for close-ups. Make sure that you have a fine background, bright colors and a catchy object to be focused. Press focus and get as close as you can. Not too close as it may make the subject out of focus.

  1. Using window lights

The soft light coming from windows can do wonders for getting pleasing portraits. It contours the facial features of a subject.

  1. Consider the golden hours

Use the sunset and sun rising hours of the day for taking shots. As the sun is down on the horizon, give a softer light as compared to midday light that makes yellow and red-orange color even more noticeable.

  1. Utilizing the empty space

You can use the empty space on the way to grab more attention to your subject. For example, if you want to capture a colorful object, go for a plain or single colored background.

  1. Taking more selfies

For traditional cameras and taking the shot of decorative roof then lay on your back. If using front camera, go for what is above you

  1. Shoot in white and black

If you want to take a solo image, go for the mono filter as white and black.

  1. Do experiments with shutter speed

While shooting if you move your phone, you will get a blur shot. Take the shot from above the object the better picture you would get.

  1. Consider the rule of third

You can divide the scene into three lines from horizontally and vertically by creating a grid to create the maximum impact.

  1. Fill the frame

By filling the frame by your subject makes a close connection between the subject and the viewer.

  1. Go at High Dynamic Range

Take multiple shots with several exposures with a full brightness range of a high contrast scene. Phone should be still.

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