Microsoft is set to make new advancements in social VR and AR

Microsoft is trying to take AR/VR to another level. The company introduced a new line of Windows “Mixed Reality”, AltspaceVR, acquired VR app, VR headsets and much more. It seems as attaining a competitive edge in AR/VR facility is becoming Microsoft mission in the coming future.

Alex Kipman, the Technical Fellow at Microsoft, seems motivated about the advancements in AR/VR technology like ‘immersive communication’.

According to Kipman:

“I also think about how mixed reality will change the way I communicate in my personal life. Space and cost are limitless in mixed reality. As a father with a 7-year old daughter, with most of my family living in Brazil, I love imagining a reality where she can interact with my entire family on the weekends, to play a board game around the table with all her cousins across the globe in a socially present and immersive way. Our work with AltspaceVR is just the beginning; you will see us bring this innovation forward in new ways.”

There is a lot more to share in the future, he added. He also said that Microsoft is expected to bring new updates in social AR and VR facility. Well, this is still a mystery  yet to be unveiled.


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