Best Android apps to link your Phone to PC (Windows 10)

There are several ways you can get connected your Android devices to your PC. Android even provides a larger canvas to play around with more linking options. Here are some of the best apps that could connect your PC Windows 10 to your Android phone.


It provides the other way to mirror your phone with PC 10. It features taking screenshots, drop and drag files. Messages could be written by using keyboard. It enables you to use Vysor Share that requires you to have your Pro account.


Just mirror the full phone screen and you get the power to control your phone through PC. You can synchronize some aspects like notifications, respond to messages, Whatsapp, Kik or anyone calling you on your phone.


The app synchronizes reminders, notes, lists and notifications on your PC as well phone.


It enables you to text you from your PC. All you need is to set up a Gmail account on Android phone PC version of Textto which lets you text from your computer through Textto program on PC.

Microsoft Edge

It provides a browser app on Android for those who want to browse from phone to PC. It also features favorites for endless browsing experience.

Photos Companion

This app enables you to send photos from your Android phone to your PC till both are linked with the same wireless network.

Other valuable apps

  • HP Orbit
  • Dell Mobile connect




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