Latest Mobile App Search Trends

According to a new study, mobile users interact 30 apps a month. These numbers are vital, but on the whole, not much high keeping in view the millions of apps that are competing to win users.

If you are an app developer you must be wanting to make your app stand out. But not every app does the magic like Pokemon Go, Snapchat or Candy Crush. Great apps have an extraordinary amount of luck, talent as well as a backing which help them stand out from the rest.

While designing your app you need to make sure that you have an engaging, useful and exciting app that is according to the behaviors, taste, and likes of the users. Your app must also be discoverable since users look for solutions for their needs.

Here are some latest trends that will help you make your app discoverable. Google found these growth trends in how consumers are looking for what they wish to have. People actively seeking to…

  1. Learn
  2. Become more productive and discover new conveniences
  3. Improve their mind and health
  4. Manage their finances or save money in a better way


1. Productivity


  • 205%+ year over year growth: Searches for “delivery” and “pick up” apps for particular brands on mobile devices.
  • 140%+ YoY growth: ” Photo” and “grocery,” app searches (retailer brands).
  • 120%+ YoY growth: Restaurant apps (branded) related to placing an order and making payment beforehand.

2. Learning

  • 80%+: Learning-related apps like “piano learning app”
  • 85%+: language learning apps.
  • 65%+: Parenting/family-related apps like “brushing teeth app for kids.”

3. Improving the Body and Mind

  • 135%+: Fitness app searches for Shoes and clothes for athletes
  • 190%+: “Body building” or “weightloss” apps
  • 65%+: Yoga and meditation apps like “yoga for beginners”

4. Financial management

  • 115%+: Investing and stock app-related searches like “home advisor app,” and “investments app.”
  • 100%+: “Free food” and “drink deal” apps.
  • 90%+: “Coupon apps” related to particular brands.


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