Report: Apple working on touchless controls

Apple’s upcoming iPhone is likely to have a lot of features that will surprise you. Back in 2017, Apple introduced its new design strategy with the iPhone X. This year’s models are likely to follow the same trend. According to the latest reports, Apple has many new features in pipeline to differentiate its upcoming models in the future.


Apple is expected to be working on a new display tech to create a more immersive experience. Similar to Samsung’s curved edge displays, the tech giant is working on OLED panels that can be curved at some points.


However, unlike Samsung’s, Apple’s alternative is likely to curve from top to bottom. A new gesture control feature is also likely to be in the works in addition to the new displays. It may allow you to control your phone by just moving your finger close to the display, without having to touch the panel physically.

Besides, Apple is working on another new display technology that might replace the existing OLED displays. Stay tuned to learn more about Apple’s plan for its upcoming iPhones.

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