The number of apps in the Apple App Store went down this year for the first time in history!


According to the latest report, for the first time in history, the total number of apps at the App Store declined this year.


It was due to the fact that Apple accelerated its efforts to remove old apps that did not comply with the latest iPhones as well as apps that did not meet the firms’ guidelines regarding the review.


Additionally, apps without support for 64-bit architecture present across iPhones were done away with as well. As a result, the total number of apps on the App Store got down to 2.1 million, which is down from 2.2 million (2016).

The Google Play Store, on the other hand, has around 3.5 million apps.


The main idea behind this step by Apple is to just leave the good stuff there. The company got rid of virus-scanning apps as well from the App Store in addition to the apps that were clones of other apps. Low-quality apps were also removed by Apple. So not a bad idea actually!


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