500K early signups for upcoming Knight Chronicles before launch!

According to a latest report, Netmarble, the creator of Marvel: Future Fight and Star Wars: Force Arena, has announce the upcoming game for mobile devices called Knights Chronicle. The upcoming game has already received 500,000 pre-registrations just in a week.

Once the game will be launched in 140 countries on App Store and Google Play this summer, the gamers with pre-registration will be awarded with in-game. Some of the items that would be included are SSR rated 6-star Rebecca, a member of the White Knights, 1 million gold, and 200 diamonds.

Amazing Japanese animation inspired battle scenes of Knights Chronicle. It uses turn-based elements and fascinating story along with support from immersive 3D graphics will work as addiction factors for gamers. There will be more than 100 heroes in the game with unique skills. The most interesting thing is that each character voice will be voiced by renowned voice actors.

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