Apple has started developing in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is under progress as reports are coming from Korea. Apple is said to be working on this technology which will use the reflected light to read and match the fingerprints of the user.

It will replace the optical technology which is currently used by most of the mobile manufacturers. The technology was built by Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm. It reads the smallest details of the skin and gives more accurate results than optical technology.

In future we may also see a third technology which will use changes in electrical patterns to match fingerprints.

Samsung has decided not to use in-display fingerprint scanner equipped with ultrasonic technology in upcoming Galaxy Note 9. While the other manufacturers are getting ready to use this technology, Samsung is planning to keep its technology off the shelves until the release of Samsung Galaxy S10.

Not only in smartphones, Samsung is expecting to see ultrasonic biometric readers being used in many other products including the cars in futures. We can imagine the pleasure of unlocking and starting the car just with a touch of our finger.

Apple will probably launch the technology next year in iPhone but 100 million fingerprint scanners will be shipped next year and 210 million in the following year as expected by KTB Investment & Security.


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