Managing and searching subscription facilitated by Google’s new tool

At Annual Developers Conference (I/O), Google announced some new features for consumers and developers to make subscribing to apps easier.

At I/O conference, it was revealed that consumer’s concerns regarding cancelling a subscription restrict them to sign up for a subscription. To overcome this hesitation, a new app “Subscription Centre” in Google Play has been introduced. Now users can manage the existing subscription while keep looking for the new apps to subscribe. Not only users can update payment method but also can add a backup payment method in case the primary payment method fails to respond. Turning off a subscription permanently or till later to turn it on again, users can do it with click of button.

For developers, it has been made easy for them to get reports of subscription business. Cancel surveys have been introduced where user select appropriate reasons behind cancelling the subscription which enable developers to collect reliable information regarding top reasons for ending the subscription.

A new feature will let developer to track retentions by Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), changing SKU prices with Google Play, handling of cancellation process and getting user confirmation through emails and push notifications.

Apart from above, some more features in Subscription Centre will be, support for flexible introductory pricing, partial refunds, faster test renewals, upgrades with the same renewal date and other refund API improvements.

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