These tech giants are ruling Forbes most valuable brands list

Forbes has announced the top five most valuable brands list and interestingly all belong to the tech industry. A company’s earnings decide the worth of the brand. Forbes takes average Price-Earning (PE) ratio for 3 years and multiply it with company’s earnings attributed to its brand, results in the final figure that Forbes uses to rank the companies on the list.

Forbes has put the tech giant Apple on top with brand value of $182.8 billion. Google has been placed on number with brand value of $132.1 billion which is 30% high as compared to last year.

Microsoft finished third place with brand value of $104.9 billion, Facebook with $94.8 billion brand value in fourth and Amazon having $70.9 billion got the fifth position. In relation to the technology industry, Samsung is on number seven, AT&T on number ten, Verizon number 19 and Huawei on number 79 on this list.

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