UBI Might & Magic Elemental Guardians RPG is out now!

Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile had vowed to release their latest Might and Magic game on 31st May. The great mobile game is out now and you can enjoy it on both Android and iOS platforms.


Apparently, the gaming giant has decided to develop their expertise in developing new games under the umbrella of Might & Magic.


The new Might & Magic Elemental Guardians RPG has been described as a kind of role-playing game. The game is expected to showcase tons of fights, big number creatures and action-thrilled battles with stunning augmented reality effects.


This game seems to use the same mechanism of many-card games in which the players collect, progress and overcome.


With a beautiful blend of animation this game displays above 400 creatures like a massive Giant, Paladin, a famous Dragon, and a Silent Assassin. Check out its official trailer right here:


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