You can now have the Google Lens standalone app in the Google Play Store

If your Android device still doesnt have Google Lens there is nothing to worry since Google is not offering its Lens standalone app.


Google Lens was one of the biggest annocuements by Google back in 2017. It is now a reality. The app is basically designed to help you see relevant information with the help of visual analysis. You need to direct the phone’s camera at an object, and the app will try to identify the object and provide you with relevant search results and information.


In the recent times, Google has been talking much about Lens. A number of smartphone manufactureres have adopted Google’s plans to increase the app’s availability their wide array of products already.
Now the latest announcement related to Google Lens comes from Sony. Sony has  integrated Lens into the camera app of its Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact smartphones.

Google has made it even more convenient for Android users to make the most of Lens now. You can download a new standalone Google Lens app. But if you get to see a message saying that the app is not compatible that means it is not being offered in your part of the world.

The Lens is compatible with devices running Android Marshmallow and up.

If you still dont have Google Lens you can now get your hands on it as long as your Android device is compatible with it. You can download Google Lens right here.


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