iOS 12 Face unlock can recognize 2 face IDS thanks to Apple

According to the latest report, Apple’s iOS 12 gives you the power to register 2 face IDS on your iPhone X and iPad in order to unlock your device. Earlier since the introduction of face unlock feature it was just limited to one person but now it has been improved.


While Apple didn’t unveil this news on its WWDC 2018, we have learnt this through another reliable source that iOS 12 will allow you to register an “alternative appearance” for Face ID.
Apple’s note also reads and confirms the news: “Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance.”


This feature appears to be pretty handy for those who are not at ease with Face ID phone unlocking. Like some users put on glasses or lose their hair which will change their appearance and thus cause problem.


The great thing is that now with the help of more than a single face recognition system you get the option to register a partner or child so you will be able to unlock the Face ID feature without having to the password. Way to go Apple!


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