Samsung is coming up with its own blockchain platform called Nexfinance

According to the latest news, Samsung SDS, which is a subgroup of Samsung that offers IT services, has informed that it will be launching its own blockchain platform.


The platform will be called Nexfinance and is dedicated to providing services including:


  1. automatic insurance payment
  2. digital identity management
  3. finance assistance


The tech giant holds the view that the digital currency is the future. It believes that there is need for added platforms for its business and trading purpose.


Its blockchain platform will be something exciting made with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IT technologies, which gives it an amazing look.


A SDS stated:


Nexfinance is a platform that allows the easy application of new IT technologies and various external solutions, allowing financial institutions to actively and flexibly respond to a rapidly changing financial IT environment. We provide the highest level of security by applying technology for forgery and falsification prevention and joint authentication based on blockchain technology.


Since there are tons of blockchains and digital currency trading platforms out there already, it seems Samsung will have a war for ranking. For now let us wait and see how things turn out for the tech giant.

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