With Apple iOS 12’s new feature you can turn your AirPods into a hearing aid!

Apple has introduced a number of exciting new features and updates in its Worldwide Developers Conference that includes the much awaited iOS 12, the new desktop OS operating system and more. Here is another wonderful functionality attached to Apple’s wireless earphones. It is being called as ‘Live Listen ’, that will turn Apple AirPods to be used as a hearing aid!


Basically it makes device kind of a remote mic like if you find problems in hearing in a disturbing environment or because of hearing defect of some type, you need to bring your iPhone close to the person you want to hear from. This way you will able to listen to all the sound through your AirPods.
Earlier this feature was a part of Apple’s Made for iPhone hearing aid program. But now the good news is that the firm will be bringing it all all devices that support iOS 12 in the form of an update.



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