iPhone will depend massively on AI once iOS 12 is there

In Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC ’18) Apple unveils major updates to its devices and operating system, iOS 12. To operate phone, Siri utilization has been enhanced resulting in massive use of AI to perform various actions.


After updating to iOS12, users will be updated from Siri on where they are, what they are doing, suggestions for apps, auto birthday notifications, starting the music when you reached gym, etc.


While trying to add utility to Siri, Apple might frustrate the users due to continuous and unwanted suggestions as they will keep popping up even on locked screen.


Along with this, Apple has added task automation app called Siri Shortcuts which will help you to manage your routine. For example setting the route and your room temperature if you told Siri that you are going home. Well, the outcome of updates in iOS12 will be cleared soon.

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