The Elder Scrolls: Blades will hit the mobiles soon

Bathesda has revealed the release of top-quality first-person RPG like game The Elder Scroll: Blades for Android and iOS devices in few months. The game will also be launched for PCs, Consoles and VR in later months.

You will act as top agent of the Empire who wants to rebuild its destroyed town. The quality of graphics and controls is exceptional. The Elder Scroll: Blades will have 3 modes like “Abyss”, a survival mode where you fight with enemies, “Arena” will be multiplayer PvP Mode and “Town” will be single player roleplaying and story mode.

The Elder Scroll: Blades will be free and is open now for pre-order. Interestingly, this game will be playable on cross-platforms. It means iOS users will compete with Android users and a phone user could play against a player on console.

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