Well known mobile game The Tribez will celebrate Garfield’s 40th Birthday

Game Insight and creator of Garfield, PAWS Inc. has come to a partnership to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Garfield. The Tribez x Garfield is the new addition to the game with in-game Garfield collaboration.

The Tribez x Garfield is a brand new island where Garfield and Odie accidentally reached by a time machine. Players will need to go through 100 tasks to get Garfield and Odie back home. CEO of Game Insight, Anatoly Ropotov declared this brand partnership as perfect match for Garfield and The Tribez lovers. Today, on 12th year of The Tribez and 40th birthday of Garfield, The Tribez x Garfield will be launched and will remain available throughout this summer.

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