Microsoft is not providing VR or Mixed Reality facility to their Xbox One consoles

According to recent news the software guru Microsoft has confirmed they are not providing VR support neither they will incorporate the mixed reality technology would be incorporated to their well-acclaimed Xbox One consoles. Earlier the Microsoft had promised to incorporate VR facility to their Xbox One consoles.


While shedding light on their decision at E3 video game convention held in Los Angeles, Mike Nichols the Chief Microsoft Officer of Microsoft has said: “”We don’t have any plans specific to Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality”.


He further stated: “Because of the opportunity with Windows Mixed Reality, and because we believe the user experience will be best on PC right now, that is where our focus is”.

Nicholas confirms Microsoft’s core focus in his statement by stating:  “Our perspective on it has been and continues to be that the PC is probably the best platform for more immersive VR and MR.”

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